Standing in the window, Anna-Leah welcomes you to the island villa. She leans against the window frame, her endless legs, tiny waist, and ample breasts a feast for the eyes. She raises her heart-shaped ass in the air. She lies on the cool tile floor adjusting her legs to give you all possible views of her. She is breathtaking, youthful beauty at its finest.This Best Of pick for this week is called “Intimate Moments” because in each frame of this incredible photo series, Anna-Leah is sharing an intimate moment with you. She draws you in with her deep brown eyes and shows you her most intimate places; from her adorable toes up to her wind-swept auburn hair and everywhere in between.What intimate moment would you share with Anna-Leah? Would you kiss her smooth skin and taste the salt left on her body from her morning swim? Would you sit and watch while the cool breezes off the ocean make the delicate skin of her nipple stiffen and pucker? Indulge in your fantasy with this classic beauty.

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