This week's exclusive photo series features the beautiful and sexy Alice V. in "In Your Eyes" and one could certainly get lost in hers so piercingly deep and inviting. just like she is. During her down time, Alice likes to read poetry. She says it helps her "get in the mood". Surely, none of us need any help getting in the mood when she is around, but a little poetry is always nice especially with someone as beautiful and sexy as Alice. : ) Here's what some of her adoring fans had to say about this latest set from one of Femjoy's most beautiful gals;"Wow. So cute. So sexy. Geez. I'd love to come home to her, sitting in that chair, waiting for me to... well, you know... : ) Alice, you are a doll. Thanks for returning and being so... well, you. Hope to see you soon again.""I love Alice's cute bottom. Her buttocks are smooth and shapely.""Its like unwrapping a Christmas I am now play with me.""Such a pretty girl. I love her sweet smile. I think there is a lovely personality hiding in there somewhere.""oh my... so very lovely""stunningly beautiful :)""i am in love with this lovely, perfect bodied angel.. wow""I could sit and look at Alice's breasts all day they are just fabulous!! ;-D""AMAZING!!!! ;-D"Well said members. We agree, she is amazing, and we're so glad to be able to bring that amazing-ness to you. If you haven't already, please check out this latest set from one of our favorite gals and stay tuned for more. Enjoy!

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