This week's Best of Femjoy features the one, the only Carisha in "I Like Games". We like games too, but one thing we never play around with is the quality of our models - and Carisha is a perfect example of that. When we first laid eyes on her we just had to work with her - and it has been a pleasure each and every time. Carisha is not only as gorgeous as she appears to be, but as sweet as you could imagine. Yeah, she has her quirky side, her playful side, and let's not forget her sexy side. : ) Whatever side you get, it's a good one.But enough about what we think - here's what some of her adoring fans had to say about this unbelievable beauty and her latest Femjoy set;"Carisha is the standard from which all other woman on femjoy are measured. Mr. Soell has outdone himself once again.""This is just about as beautiful and elegant as it is possible for the female form to be. ""Carisha is absolutely stunning - large but firm breasts and soft skin.That appears to be he focus of all her sets. But we haven't really seen her secrets between her legs. Can we see her pussy and some backside shots in the next sets please.""Oh yeah... perfection. Just perfection. I mean, just look at her... what's there not to like? Nothing. Bless you Carisha and thank you posing for us. Always great to see you.""I just can't get enough of Carisha! Every time she poses, it is cause for celebration and is beautiful art. Her body is so beautiful and she is absolute vision of lovliness. I love her nudes!""I pity every man who has come and gone in this world who was denied the privilege and opportunity to view this image of human female perfection. ""Every inch of Carisha's body is a dream. I could look at each of these shots for hours.""Perfection !! Perfection is the only word I can use to rate Carisha. The breasts and her body are just flawless. What else can I use to describe her?""Thank you, Carisha, for starting out naked and ending up naked! You are a real doll! If I could just play with you, I would die happy.""Carisha, at the risk of repeating myself, I am going to tell you something: YOU ARE PHENOMENAL!!!!! Your photos always make such great wallpaper for my monitor! I could not love you more! Please keep working with Mr. Soell, dear.""There is something about a beautiful nude woman at a pool that captures the eyes, imagination, and heart. Especially if the beautiful nude woman is Carisha, Goddess Of Beauty!"Well said members well said. We couldn't agree more. Which is why we are so proud to feature her as one of the Best of Femjoy, and are so glad to be able to bring her to you in all of her glory. We hope you enjoy this lastest set - and all of her other sets - with Femjoy. Pick any of them you can go wrong! : ) Enjoy.

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