THisS week's Best of Femjoy features the one, the only, the super sexy Sofie in "Hedonism". Sofie has been with us for quite some time, but has not been around in a while. Her return makes us all happy, and from the comments we've received, she has not lost any of her allure or beauty. She is, and always will be one of our favorites, and this return proves that she is, and will always be one The Best of of Femjoy. Here's what some of our members had to say about Sofie's sexy return; "What can one say when he is deeply in love with something he cannot have...You are my forever dream Sofie nobody can deny how much I would love you,worship and adore you...The magnificent Sofie,Sofie,Sofie.............>""Ahh such a beauty cutey. ""I love this image. Sofie proudly showing her lovely naked buttocks. No inhibitions. Just completely relaxed with her cute bottom bare and glorious.""Really amazing!! 6 stars******""Perfect picnic fantasy. I dream what it would be like to walk up to Sofie in real life, in this setting, to give her the closest flower in sight, and offer her a bottle of wine to share, and tell her poetry of her beauty, and its never-ending grasp on my conscience...""Very nice set Sven and Sofie""Every picture is just amazing Sofie you get more and more beautiful...Sofie is the greatest pleasure of all the imagination, just magnificent...""I say: not only is Sofie the most beautiful girl on the web, but I say she is among the top 1% of all the women in the world!""Thank you heavenly girl !""Sofie is one of my all-time favorites. Those eyes, that smile, those amazing breasts, those curves, I can go on and on. She is just so naturally beautiful. This shot captures her sweetness. Sofie is a true treasure!""Sweet Sofie your smile warms my soul""Pure nymph beauty, I would dream of her all night, if I controlled my dreams.""Thank you for these pictures of Sofie, one of the most beautiful woman on the web. I love to see her. I am always stunned by the beauty of her body and of her face."Well said members. Obviously, we agree and are so glad you feel the way you do. And we know Sofie appreciates it as well. If you haven't already, take the time check out Sofie's latest set, or any of the many sets she's done with Femjoy you can't go wrong! :) Enjoy!

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