Femjoy has come to be known for many things - exclusive beautiful young models, exquisitely natural videos, gorgeous professional photography. But one of the things on which we really pride ourselves is our nude nature photography. A genre all to its own, and perfected in Europe, nude nature photography is, in a sense, the beginning of photography, for over 150 years ago French photographers began taking nude pictures of young women in nature, and a new world was born.In this photo set you get to see a model that any photographer would be glad to work with, today, yesterday, or tomorrow. Her name is Anke, she's German, 21 years old, and she is a shining golden light of feminine purity. To see her naked body standing near a stream is to see a vision of unbelievable health, vitality and beauty. Anke is truly in the prime of her life, as fresh as the day she was born, yet with so much more experience and ambition under her belt.The name of this series is Golden River, but it could as easily be called Golden Girl. Come in and pan for gold with Anke.

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