This week's exclusive photo series features the unbelievably sexy and sultry Scala in her debut "Feels so good"... and it sure felt good to capture this beauty on film. Mouths were watering all throughout the shoot. Many crew members needed to take a break. Scala was so eager to please that we ended up shooting for alot longer than usual. No complaints here! : ) Here's what some of our members thought of this newest Femjoy beauty's debut; "Oh, great first set from Scala! She has a very sexy and classy look, and she isn't afraid to pose very openly for us! Hope to see much more of this sexy brunette! Thanks!""Oh man... Scala, you are too hot for words. Wow. Thank you so much for posing for us!""As beautiful as she is, I think that my favorite thing about her is that sense of dramatic flair that she brings to her poses. It looks like she's having fun with the shoot; it's certainly fun to watch her! I hope that we see her again soon!" "Wow, what a gorgeous new girl! A new star is born."Agreed, agreed, and agreed. We hope you'll check out Scala's debut and see what feels so good... enjoy!

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