The decision of where do a photoshoot is always a detailed, important one. With a great model you might want to pick the right location -- one that doesn't distract from her beauty, that rather compliments her beauty. Some don't need an exotic location, but look breathtakingly beautiful in the most ordinary spaces - such as Zelda, moving all over a folding chair in front of a white silk curtain - that could be the curtain of any house. You get to enjoy the stunning beauty and lovely curves of Zelda as if she was in your own living room. Talk about taking it home. And with her sweet, inviting smile, you might actually think she is there. And not only that, but she poses on the folding chair that will make you think differently about folding chairs from now on... guess you'll have to see the set to see what I mean. Get a closer look at Zelda only at FEMJOY...

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