This week's exclusive photo set features the smolderingly sexy and utterly gorgeous Petra G. in "Desire". Well, we don't have to tell you that our desire for her is immense - as a woman and as a model. Petra exemplifies what it is to be sexy - especially in front of a camera. When we first met her, we could believe how beautiful and sexy she was. until we started photographing her. Yes, believe it or not, she is even more beautiful and sexy in front of the camera. Something about her just comes alive and we are all grateful for that.But enough about what we think. Here's what some of our desirous members had to say about this desirable beauty;"Exquisite, just exquisite!""Wickedly raunchy, deliciously rude and utterly ravishing. Exceptionally good""A beautiful set and a beautiful shot of a beautiful woman and her beautiful breast. So, the word of the day is clearly "beautiful". :) Thank you all for the wonderful set. Well done indeed.""SMMMOKIN' ...""Man oh man! I swear, Petra was born for this role; she is pure red-hot sensual fire. And that delicious gleam in her eyes is just priceless: knowing that she's driving you out-of-your-skin crazy...and loving every second of it. Desire? Oh, no doubt...""Images that impact with a stunning raw energy. Petra is quite beautifully endowed and I'm achingly aroused by her delicious sensuousness. Simply breathtaking...""Astonishingly sexy...""Oh yum Petra looks so tasty!!""Petra knocks me out!"Wow well said members. We're so glad you feel the same way about Petra as we do. We're also glad to be able to call her a Femjoy Beauty and hope to call her that for some time. We hope you enjoy this latest set by one of the sexiest, most beautiful women we have ever met. Enjoy!

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