This week's Best of Femjoy features the one, the only Corinna in "Blonde Innocence". When it comes to favorites, Corinna is certainly among the top of many lists, including ours. In all the time we have had the pleasure of working with this extraordinary beauty, we have always been overjoyed with the results. Corinna is not only exceptionally beautiful and sexy, but a pleasure to be around and work with. Corinna is indeed the entire package all, and more, than anyone could ever dream of. Thankfully, we're not alone in our feelings. Here's what some of happy members had to say about one of their Femjoy favorites; "Simple and beautiful. She fits right in among the trees and leaves. As if she lives there... floats around there... merely stopping to be captured... how beautiful she is. And what wonderful photographs of her. So well done. Thank you all for this beautiful set.""Welcome, Corinna. You are a welcome Sunday Surprise, dear! You will always be one of my favorite Femjoy Ladies!!! ""Perfect. A perfect expression of beauty, tenderness, fragility, innocence. Thank you Stefan. And I love you, Corinna.""Lucky me!! My favorite tree nymph....""I can only imagine how beautiful the babies would be, wow. The evolution of love."'An erotic place to share love with a beautiful lady.. Wow, deep in the woods with Corinna.""A delightful, simple set of images. Beauty abounds.""I LOVE this look!! I don't believe I've seen this expression before. VERY sexy. Beautiful.""Corinna is perfect in every way, the setting compliments her beauty as well as any that she appears in, and Stefan captures the experience like no other photographer could.""WELCOME BACK CORINNA!! I'm totally in love with you!! :)""The goddess Corinna is back! She is always a treasure to see! A truly amazing body that is a joy to behold, it is a work of art to study and enjoy in such a beautiful setting.""Thank goodness Corinna is back - my favorite of all the beauties!""Lovely. Perfect. Naked. Nothing else to say."Wow. Well said mambers, and thanks for all the comments. We know Corinna appreciates them all, as do we. We're so glad to be able to share this extrodinary beauty with you and we hope to continue to do so for a long time. Until next time, please enjoy this wonderful set with one of our favorite all time Femjoy Beauties enjoy!

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