This week's exclusive photo series features not one, but two Femjoy beauties, Denisa and Fiona, for a day of fun and sun at the beach. Working with these two adorable ladies was so much fun. They both have a light, easy going and fun loving spirit and that, as you can imagine, makes for a great time, and a great set of photos. Here's what our members had to say about this fun-loving duo; "Exceptional! Very, very fine. Exquisite attention to detail and sensitivity to light, color, mood, and persons." "How beautifully candid and intimate." "A wonderfully light, fresh and happy set. Beautiful girls in a beautiful setting. Thank you to all involved.""Denisa and Fiona are delicious together, just as they are separately." "Thank you, Stefan, for bringing these 2 lovely girls together. They do not have to do anything more than stand around and do nothing in order to get MY full attention! They are both gorgeous. And so different. I love beach shoots."Well said members - we love beach shoots too! : ) And who wouldn't love a set - at the beach or anywhere else - with these two wonderful Femjoy beauties. We hope you enjoy their beach day as much as they did!

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