This week's exclusive photo set features the slender, sexy, sultry Anna P in "Be Invited". When we invited her to pose for us, she hesitated for a moment, but then realized we were serious about what we do and that she would be treated like the goddess she is. The result, as you can see, was wonderful and we couldn't be happier.Thankfully, our members feel the same. Here's what some of them to say about this debut set from one of our newest Femjoy Beauties;"Anna is the girl next door type. A sure to be movie star, but with a very friendly look. Anna P., the place next door is for sale.""Anna, you are so hot !! Beautiful from head to toe.""A great debut, for sure!!""Anna has such a wonderful slender body. I love her beautiful long legs and her cute little buttocks. Anna's butt cheeks are so delightfully sweet and pretty and very shapely.""She is going to be someone special for years to come. Keep up the great work!""Wow, talk about a dazzling first impression... Welcome to Anna, such a gorgeous young woman with so much confidence in her presence and pure sensuality in her beautiful face, especially those piercing blue eyes. Kudos to Mark for giving her such a beautifully atmospheric setting of the dock and the sunset over the water; the angle and the quality of the sunlight is perfect. A wonderful debut for Anna and a gorgeous set of photos all the way around. I hope that we see her again soon!"Well said members, and thanks for the comments. We feel the same way about Anna and have every intention of bringing her back as soon as possible. Until then, consider yourself invited to enjy this debut set of hers. : ) Enjoy!

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