This week's Best of Femjoy features a long time favorite, the sultry, sexy, voluptuous and beautiful Vic E. in "At The Top". Needless to say, she is among the top of our, and our member's, list of favorite models and it's not hard to figure out why. This stunning sexy beauty has it all and she has no inhibitions about showing it off. She knows she's hot, and that's what we like about her. : ) Thankfully, we're not the only ones. Here's what some of our satisfied members had to say about one of their favorites; "Wow. Smokin'! Not only does this girl have a body that is feminine perfection, but that! Those dark eyes and that dimple have me smitten. She is simply as good as it gets. Nothing against Mr. Anzilov, after all he knows a gorgeous girl when he sees one and has brought many to us over the years. But..... I wish she could pose for Platonoff. That would be a gallery for the ages!""Oh Vic, you remain as hot as ever. Please, never stop posing for us. You are such a delight. I love you. Seriously. I love you. : )""Is this "gorgeousness" or what?""One of the most enchanting images of Vic that I've ever seen. Everything: the fall of her hair, the soft curve of her shoulders, her gorgeous figure... Pure feminine grace, all the way down to the soft pads of her toes. And even an oblique glance of her beautiful dark eyes proves more purely sensual than I could ever put into words. Truly irresistible...but of course. It's Vic E., after all. Easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. My dear, you are indeed at the top.""This set is the best set of Vic. Pure nudity, completely naked, perfect large breasts. What else can be expected. Well done.""Absolutely lovely - a gorgeous girl and a fantastic pose.""FJ has many beautiful models, but this stunning girl is the only one who gives me a dry mouth and sweaty palms.....!!""Her big beautiful eyes, dark as ebony but seductively warm melts my heart and touches my soul. Stunning...""Beautiful girl, beautiful pose, perfectly exposed bottom.""Vic E is breathtakingly beautiful - gorgeous face, incredible eyes and just look at this perfect nude body!""Vic E. is gorgeous! What a beautiful hourglass figure! Love her curves! Great setting for her nudes.""She has always been, and will forever be, top of my list."Well said members. We're so glad you feel the same as we do about her and are so proud to call her one of the Best of Femjoy. If you haven't already, please enjoy this, and all of her other sets and see what the Best of Femjoy has to offer! Enjoy!

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