This week's exclusive photo series features the unbelievably adorable Rosalin in "Anticipation". We were so exited to work with this cutie pie again. When we met her, she was working in flower shop, and though she was happy, we could tell there was more to her than just her love of flowers. Luckily for us, we were right... and this is the result, and we could not be happier. Our members seem to feel the same way. Here's what they had to say; "Mmmm, what perfect curves! You have such a beautiful smile and amazing brown eyes, not to mention the most perfect petite breasts. Please come again soon!" "Great nudes of adorable Rosalin! Love her cute smile. Also so glad to see her completely nude from start to finish. Such a lovely and natural little body!" a·dor·a·ble [uh-dawr-uh-buhl, uh-dohr-] adjective 1. very attractive or delightful; charming. 2. worthy of being adored. 3. Rosalin E. "How utterly adorable can one get? Rosalin, you have become the standard that I use to compare others' faces. You are total WOWness..." "Exceptionally cute girl. She conveys so much joy in these pictures. It's nice to see a model enjoying her poses so much." "Delicious, hot, young girl with a fresh face and great body ... what more could any msn ask for?" Well said members. We're so glad you appreciate this adorable new addition as much as we do. No need to anticipate any longer... please visit Rosalin and all her cuteness... she's waiting for you.

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