FEMJOY has featured many spritely, youthful beauties over the years, but few have won the hearts of our members like our petite little blonde nymphette, Angela. An avid sports player, aerobicist, and dancer, Angela has the perfect body because she likes to work it out. And in this set, she works it out in front of the camera, fully nude!Just listen to how our members are reacting:Angela, you could be on "my team" anytime!!! This shoot can only be described as a "total turn-on"!!! Bravo!!!A double WOW!!! And then she even takes her clothes off. How many WOWS is that? I can't begin to count.Blondes aren't usually my thing (with the exception of the unparalelled Nikol), but Angela could definitely tempt me with her tight little athletic body and really cute face. I wouldn't mind spending a weekend or two getting to know her ! Hey, c'mon now, isn't this whole site about fantasy ?NOW THIS IS THE WAY ALL YOUR LADIES SHOULD BE. THIS LADY IS NOT AFRAID TO SHOW ALL HER GOODS. I LOVE HER!!!Come inside to FEMJOY and see what all the frenzy is about...it's just a cute little blonde working her body. Wanna join her?

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